Ride and tour expectations.

Ride and tour expectations.

Ride and tour expectations.


At the start of our tours we will discuss the particulars of the routes with maps and talk about expectations and what we might encounter, and answer any questions and finalize any outstanding details. Each person can at that time test ride their bike. We can adjust our routes to fit most any styles, trail conditions, hiking options and group preferences. We can go on two track style roads as pictured above or more extreme muddy single tracks depending on level of experience and preferences. 

We ride on a variety of surfaces and may ride on hard packed gravelly roads, sandy, grassy, and weedy single track trails, and on some limited abandoned asphalt roads that might occasionally pop up. 

Obstacles may occur such as log crossing and rocks and over humps and holes and between and through the diverse collection of plant life.  We ride almost entirely on level ground. South Florida is as flat as a pancake.

The ground is basically mostly covered with some sort of plant life defined by subtle differences in soil and minor elevations (inches) that reflect what grows where. Go to our associated web page regarding the flora you may encounter at for much more information on that subject. We don't have a lot of apparent geology but the biology is extremely evident.

Other things we will most definitely see among the plants are many numerous birds such as hawks to cardinals to cat birds to woodpeckers to bluebirds to turkeys to name just a few. We also have a very diverse selection of reptiles to observe in the wild as well such as Gopher tortoises and Indigo snakes and alligators- a list way too long to list as well.  We have mammals all around such as bears and panthers and otters that can seen most any time on our rides.  So be prepared if you want to see or get a picture of some. And we won't forget Florida's unique array of insects either. We do keep bug spray on hand as well as sunscreen but the bugs are never a bother when biking anyway and the daytime sun does keep  those wet season mosquitoes away until after dark. Dry season is comparatively bug free.

See our other page for the critters (fauna) at for more information about the wild things that move.

Keep in mind that our rides are aerobic and great exercise and true adventures as no telling what may happen. We are here to help and instruct, guide and minimize problems, but our primary goal is fun and to serve our customers professionally in a courteous manner so be prepared to have a great and unique experience in southwest Florida's back yard. We are looking forward to seeing you in the woods.

Our bicycles and equipment.

Ride and tour expectations.

Ride and tour expectations.


Our bicycles are basic and reliable, yet state of the art and high quality and very appropriate for where we go and the associated ride styles. We fit each person for a custom configuration before we begin and can adjust easily as we go along.

We use fat tires from 2" to 4" wide. 

Bikes are geared 9 or 10 speeds. 29 ers , fat bikes or 26" cross country trail bikes.

Our bikes have platform style pedals but can change out to clipless as per customer preferences. Helmets are provided but not required for riders 16 and over. We do recommend wearing at least a hat and sunglasses. 

We can provide bike bags and racks for personal things like cell phones or cameras. 

We use comfort style seats but are performance oriented and high quality seat post shocks for everyone if they want additional rear comfort. We have an assortment of bicycle types and sizes to choose from.  All bikes have two drink holders and cold drinks are provided and extra water is carried by our guides. Grips are high quality and comfortable. 

Guides also carry snacks and first aid kit and cell phone and possess first aid certification. All of our tours are vehicle supported for additional back up and safety.

Our lunches are of excellent quality and healthy and tasty and well packaged with a variety of choices. We will provide a menu to choose from prior when a full day tour is chosen. 

Our snacks are chips and fruit and high quality energy and health bars and an assortment of cold drinks like orange juice, sparkling water and other hydration drinks.

How you should prepare:

After booking please call or text and  a guide directly. We can discuss your preferences and get things better and ready beforehand. (239 280-8837 or 205-3754, 353-1648 office.)

We can discuss the weather and what we should expect to see based on the time and weather and recent trends. We can also get and idea of the size and type of bike that works best for you and others that may be in your group.

We ask you to be here at the Edge or at the designated tour trail head at least a half hour prior to familiarize yourself and get adjusted and ready to go. Please wear sturdy shoes - no flip flops or crocks, please. Hiking shoes are perfect but a good pair of good sneakers is okay.

We will have helmets for everyone to wear. You can certainly bring your own. 

Our guide will be wearing a helmet as it does come in handy for low branches and hard impacts in case of a fall. Plus our helmets have visors and are well ventilated. All riders under 16 must wear protective headgear as designated by Florida State law. Please bring your preferred sunscreen and bug spray and your special water bottle if you have one. We will provide those items for you however regardless.